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Tracing Pharmaceuticals in South Asia - Roger Jeffery and Ian Harper (Edinburgh, with CHSJ in New Delhi & MC in Kathmandu)

A research group under the leadership of Prof Roger Jeffery (Sociology), including members of the Center for International Public Health Policy and the research network on the Sociology and Anthropology of Health & Illness at the University of Edinburgh, carried out research with
funding from the ESRC-DFID research programme under the title 'Tracing pharmaceuticals in South Asia: regulation, distribution and consumption.'
The main aim of this research was to provide governments and others with a better  understanding of the contexts and causes of pharmaceutical use in South Asia. We did this by integrating anthropological, public health, and political economic approaches in an investigation and analysis of the diverse cultural, medical, economic and institutional factors that determine the pathways by which three pharmaceuticals -- Oxytocin, Rifampicin, and Fluoxetine -- reach their end users. Our $research assisted in the development of effective interventions to improve Millennium Development Goals and other health outcomes and thereby contribute to poverty-reduction strategies.