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1st April 2013

Indian Supreme Court refuses Novartis's patent on Glivec. 'Access to the large markets at risk - must find creative strategies to include the poor'.

3rd May 2012

Cipla - the Indian generics manufacturer - has overtaken Bayer's monopoly of cancer drug Nexavar and will sell it for 75% less. Reported by Reuters:

20th March 2012

Stop TB Partnership announces global vaccines strategy:

14th March 2012 

Drug major AstraZeneca is now looking at India and China to pursue  much of their research and development initiatives.

12th March 2012 

In a landmark case, the Indian Patent Office has issued the first-ever compulsory licence in India to a generic drug manufacturer.
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4th March 2012 

The US TV network NBC has made an investigative documentary on drug trials by MNCs, which can be viewed at: