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Benefits of using Airbnb over hotels


Airbnb is an abbreviated form of Air, Bed, and Breakfast. It came into existence in 2008. It is one of the largest players in online hospitality service and provides accommodation in more than 191 countries. Many users are preferring to rent Airbnb properties over hotels, the major reasons for which

Lyft vs Uber in United States compared


Lyft is emerging as a stiff and worthy competitor to Uber in the U.S. It is growing rapidly and claims to have garnered about 35% of the market in U.S. Some of the key features and how both these operators perform on them are provided below. 44

Everyone loves special deals and discounts. Do you?


Massdrop is community-based e-commerce platform. It is different from other e-commerce platforms as it sells only those products which are demanded by its users. You can explore it for getting products of your choice and specifications at great deals. It is important to learn the basics of Massdrop and how

Bitly alternative with advanced features and metrics


JotURL is a comprehensive digital marketing optimization software. It is designed for digital marketers, e-commerce platforms, advertising agencies etc. for managing, optimizing, comparing, and monitoring all their marketing links. JotURL is developed for improving your inbound marketing results and conversions and enhancing the end user experience at the same time.

Why is visitor session recording so important?

User recordings means capturing and recording of the online activities of your end-users while they visit and navigate through your website. You can capture mouse movements, scrolls, clicks etc. for watching it later. Movements and user actions are displayed as red lines on the screen for better visibility. When the

Why and when you should use VPN?

Virtual Private Network

With the growing use of and dependence on internet in business, data security and protection has emerged as an important consideration. Using a VPN provides you with high degree of security and protection from data breaches. It allows the users to connect to the internet via a remote server and

How to optimize Social Media management?

Social Media management

PromoRepublic is a popular social commerce software that allows businesses to create better brand awareness and brand loyalty by harnessing the potential of social media. You can get more followers on social media and expand your outreach effectively by using it. Some of the important benefits of using PromoRepublic for